Now you can experience what it’s really like to be on a Trafalgar tour before you book. This sneak-peek is currently only available online. We hope you enjoy the videos!

Why Trafalgar?
Duration: 08:36
This video outlines some of the reasons that make Trafalgar's tours so popular - from our Tour Directors, hotels and luxury transportation to meeting new friends on tour.

Trafalgar's Product Range
Duration: 02:00
This video briefly covers what you can expect on Trafalgar's First Class, CostSaver and Breakaway tours.

Trafalgar River Cruises
Duration: 09:57
Travel in comfort and style onboard our intimate, luxurious ships which have fewer passengers yet more special touches than any other tour operator.
Find out about Trafalgar's unrivalled River Cruise program, with its unique itineraries and superb five-star inclusions.

Italy Tours
Duration: 02:17
Jillian, a Trafalgar Italy Tour Director, reveals the culture, history and cuisine of this beautiful and enchanting country.

Britain & Ireland Tours
Duration: 01:43
Unlock hidden secrets - Charles, a Trafalgar Britain and Ireland Tour Director, provides some useful insight into the region.

Central & Eastern Europe Tours
Duration: 01:53
Let the history of Central and Eastern Europe unfold before you. One of Trafalgar's Tour Directors, Jillian, describes the region and all it has to offer.

Greece Tours
Duration: 01:38
Greece - immersed in a fascinating history of poetry and philosophy, and blessed with picturesque, sun-kissed landscapes.
Trafalgar Greece Tour Director, Sabrina, takes us on a delightful journey through the country and it's cultural delights.

USA & Canada Tours
Duration: 01:51
Encounter world of spectacular scenery, exciting sightseeing, delicious and fun times - with your own personal escort.
Each of Trafalgar's itineraries to the USA and Canada is an expertly crafted collection of unique experiences - discover why!

China Tours
Duration: 02:00
Sightseeing highlights abound as you journey though this fascinating country.
This video explores some of the reasons why Trafalgar is the company of choice when visiting China.

Egypt Tours
Duration: 01:43
"A startling contradiction of ancient and modern..."
Trafalgar Tour Director, Linda, takes us on a quick journey through Egypt's truly inspiring attractions.

Sustainable Tourism
Duration: 02:34
Protecting the environment and the people and places we visit is a top priority for Trafalgar.